How many people were involved with the creation of The Cardinal of the Kremlin?

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Answered: Why are people so stupid.

Well, they're twice as stupid as I thought then.

Answered: How do you find a legitemat over seas mail order pharmecy with no

Any pharmacy that will sell you pain meds without a prescription couldn't possibly be legitimate. Use your brain, if you have one.

Answered: Why are people so disgustingly over the top? They really think they're

Our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster started posting under his aliases over 10 hours ago. He then switched over to another alias. Created a new alias and posted for over 2 hours under that one. Now he has switched back to one of the aliases he was posting under ...

Answered: What channel does the eagles and the cardinals come on, on dish

gatorboi63 Any time you want to locate a game and the channel it will be broadcast on, you can go to and utilize our GAME FINDER tool. I have provided a link to our GAME FINDER tool. I hope this helps. Ray Calo DISH ...
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