how many people in the world have ADHD?

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Answered: Why call medicated ADHD children 'zombies'?

My doctor used wikipedia to diagnose me, should I be concerned?

Answered: Should I have my daughter see another psychiatrist for ADHD?

Why don't you take her to a homeopath doctor. The medications for ADHD are damaging and dangerous. She is sixteen, check her diet, check to see if she is allergic, don't be so anxious to get her a dx of ADHD. I would exhaust every single thing available before I would agree to give my child ...

Answered: How often does a person need to be tested for adhd

Assuming the person has been diagnosed with ADHD in the past, that person likely does not need to be retested for ADHD. In general, unless ADHD goes away as a child grows into adulthood (which it does roughly 33% of the time), ADHD is a chronic condition that will likely continue to require ...

Answered: How many people aren't illiterate in the world

Caroline. There are 6.7 bilion people in the world. So your 26% number is a bit off. Perhaps you are quoting something that was written rather long ago. The population hasn't been at 4 billion since the 1980's. In 1999 that same 1 billion number was given and at that time it said that equaled 16% of ...

Answered: What is the ratio of people suffering with Aids in the World?

The latest statistics on the world epidemic of AIDS & HIV were published by UNAIDS/WHO in July 2008, and refer to the end of 2007. People living with HIV/AIDS in 2007: (estimate) 33.0 million (range) 30.3-36.1 million Adults living with HIV/AIDS in 2007 (estimate) 30.8 million (range ...
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I have adhd but i constantly am horny is this because of my adhd

you might just not have enough physical exercise as part of your life.

My 5 year HF autistic/ADHD granddaughter is still in ...

You need to visit a child psychologist to get their evaluation of this and what to do about it. You don't need a psychiatrist for this, a child psychologist should be able to help you. I would try, if possible, to find one that has experience autistic children.

Disclose ADHD

How to disclose ADHD? Strange question, but if you feel the need to disclose it to someone just say "I have ADHD". Please realize it's nobody's business and you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to.

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