How many people have entered the Publishers Clearing House contests so far this year?

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Answered: Is it illegal for someone to enter your house without your permission.

Guess I'd better tell that to the person who's been doing it then! Thank you :)

Answered: Why are people so stupid.

Well, they're twice as stupid as I thought then.

Answered: Www.thehour/

Oh dear, I'm not sure what you mean but I googled it and there is a site in that name. If it's the site you mean maybe you can just use the contact us link and ask them how you enter?

Answered: Why are all the inner city Public Housing Projects filled with Black

I have yet to meet a police officeer who was afraid of anything, particularly racists in slums: they have detailed training in how to handle these situations and decades of experience in their successful operation. Leftists like Tadpole-Trania-greatbear like to think that they have gained Hitlerian ...

Answered: Clearing House business

My name is Brenda Hemphill,You all sent me e-mailand told me to get back with you all.Iam at my Godsister house.The address is,16308 ClaireLN.and SouthHolland,ILLinois.I be there everyday. I hope that,I won Please come by my godsister house. Sincerely Mrs.Brenda ...

Answered: Is it customary for a landlord to enter a house ...

We had it in contract that the landlord can show your unit to their possible customer if you are at the last month of your contract.
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