how many oysters are in a pound?

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Answered: Padding oysters

Thanks for helping me out...I lived in baltimore 33 yrs.Owned a resturant downtown...I left there over 20 yrs ago..And just forgot..My daughter lives in lusby..I am terrified of that bridge...

Answered: Why is amite called the oyster capital when there ...

Jean- I don't know the answer to your question but I wanted to say hi because my father's people all lived in Calcasieu parish after they came over from the area of the french Pyrenees. Jay

Answered: Oyster cards

Yes, but only from the following agents:

Answered: Oysters!

I'm from Florida, so eating oysters is a part of my heritage.

Answered: How many U.S. pennies to a pound?

Hi, I believe you mean 1 British pound how many American cents..... The current exchange rate is 1 British pound makes 1.96978 US Dollars.... or close to 197 cents.... Here is a site that converts any currency to any other currency, a very usefull site. Best regards,
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most likely an international bank.

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Have you seen this site ? If you don't find the answer to your question here, I would go to the link on this page and ask the people that run this site your question.

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