how many ounces of coffee does one k cup make?

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Answered: Which coffee beans should I buy?

That is a complicated question. I like medium or city roast. French roast and dark roast are roasted too long and are bitter to me. They practically burn the beans. for stronger coffee add more coffee, use 195 to 205 degree water and only brew for 2 or 3 minutes. Time is critical. for instance, if ...

Answered: Coffee equipment

Yes No Wait You gotta be kidding Me!!!!!! Church Lady

Answered: I am looking for a special coffee cup. Here is the ...

i dont think i've seen one at cupdepot but you can try browsing their store, they have an array of choices and sizes not to mention some personalized items such as the custom beverage napkins. Hope this helps.

Answered: How do i make the perfect cup of coffee?

Try also to read this article .html

Answered: How do i make the perfect cup of coffee?

I love to drink coffee also... If you want to make a great coffee just like mine. Check this out.

Answered: What is the best brand of coffee maker?

I've been highly satisfied with the Mr Coffee coffee makers I've owned over the years. The one I have at the moment is a more expensive one in the Mr Coffee line, but it comes with filters that filter out chlorine and a few other things in the water. Not expensive or fancy or anything, but they've ...
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When do coffee mugs start becoming too old to ...

You sound like me i drink a lot of coffee and never wash it until it start turning black. Either scrub it out or throw it away and get a new one.

Can you freeze K cup coffee portions without altering the taste of the

Yes you can do it without affecting the taste of the coffee.

Why do I NEVER see coffee served in a GLASS cup ...

Another reason could be that glass doesn't stand up well to constant stacking and washing in commercial dishwashers. Glass will scratch and haze up. Not very attractive.

How many cups in 15 ounces?

This site will convert any volume units to any other volume unites.