how many of the spinners are still alive?

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Answered: Spinner Bait

I use a spinner bait when fishing for bass because it makes the bass come to the line. When buying a spinner bait, you need to know the different types. There is a single-spin as well as a tandem-spin. A single-spin has a single blade, while the tandem-spin is double-bladed. A spinner bait is also ...

Answered: Who is the fastest person alive

ads Asked: Who is the fastest person alive? The absolute, all time human speed record goes to the Apollo Astronauts: they reached speeds of over 28,000 miles per hour. The list of who is still alive among them is at

Answered: How many Jawas are still alive?

None. They are fictional creations who have never been alive.

Answered: Dead or alive

i live in west palm beach.. have connections

Answered: Jazz Alive

2009 JazzAlive is happening again at the same location
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What spinner reel use a 20 lbs test line?

My personal choice is a Shimano Spirex. I like the rear drag best, it's easier to adjust with a fish on. Their medium priced reels last a long time, function smoothly, and will easily handle any fish you can catch on 20lb test line. You can get one for about $60-$70.

How many members of abba are still alive?

it looks like yes. here is a websit for you with info

How many people over 95 years old & over 100 still alive.

as of 2000, there are over 200,000 people over 100. The UN estimates that by 2013, there will be 3,000,000 centenarians