how many nuggetes are in a 5 lb bag of tyson chicken nuggets?

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Answered: Lakers or Nuggets?

Lakers I saw it in by hind site

Answered: I own a (circa 1975) Silver Nugget Dunhill butane ...

Now if you had bought 90- $7 Disneyland Zippo lighters with the $600 they would be worth $18,000.00. But you bought a Dunhill lighter which is fun but has little value with age. At least at this age. Perhaps it is worth $100? In 100 years it will be worth $300. In 100 years - 1 Disneyland 1975 Zippo ...

Answered: Are gold nuggets worth anything anymore?

Yes! The price of gold has been skyrocketing recently and gold nuggets are definitely worth a whole lot! I'd recommend mailing your gold in to a reputable cash for gold company, or alternatively attending a cash for gold party where you can get top dollar for those gold nuggets. Good luck!

Answered: I'm really interested in Gold nuggets. Anyone know where I can find some

Try this site: From Paradise Coin & Gift In the Foothills of Northern California 6848 U Skyway, Paradise, California 95969 To Order With a Credit Card, Call 1-877-397-3363

Answered: Feeding a large crowd Chicken Nuggets

If it's going to be at a buffet with lots of other food I'd say four or five per person.
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In the frozen foods section of your market you'll find Tyson makes some very nice chicken nuggets. All their chicken is quite good actually. I buy a lot of Tyson's chicken. I also like chicken fries a lot.


Bring in to local jewler to verify.

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