how many nickels make troy ounce?

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Answered: What is a liberty troy ounce worth?

For scrap value, it's worth whatever silver is going for. If it's a coin, the worth is entirely dependent on the year and the grade. Without that information your question can not be answered.

Answered: Buffalo Nickels with dye defect

What year and mint?

Answered: How much is 5.85 troy ounces of silver worth?

The price of silver goes up and down. The quote 12/1 was $32.44 per ounce. Your silver may be pure silver, or sterling silver, or coin silver which will affect the weight of actual silver.

Answered: Is nickel silver rainproof?

no i dun think so it'll get corroded ll blacken.. Imran

Answered: Troy Bilt sickle bar mower

contact me at

Answered: How much is a troy ounce of silver

Converting the weight of your silver to Troy Ounces. Let's assume your sterling silver fork weighs 1 ounce on the postal scale. My postal scale has 16 Avoirdupois (U.S./British) ounces to a pound and there are only 12 troy ounces to a troy pound. How can I convert Avoirdupois ounces to troy ...
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