how many national championships has Nick Saban won for Alabama?

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Answered: How do I email Nick Saban??

Try searching his team's website for his email address.

Answered: Why does this nation zoom keep taking over my home page

I order to remove Nation Zoom virus from your computer I recommend you to follow this guide -

Answered: What nationality is the last name Karam

Don't it mean, "Coward that sends his kids out wearing suicide bombs?" Try that around me and you will see blood, all right. First I gotta pop the kid, to keep the kid from killing too many more people, and then I'm going hunting for the lunatic that put the kid up to it.

Answered: Do you think nick jonas is the hottest guy alive?!?!?!?!!!!!!

oh please he is SEXII!!!!...GORGEIOUS! boy or not... this guy is HOT!

Answered: Women's championship at Wimbledon?

If you don't want to listen to the grunts, try this .
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