how many movie stars of the 40's, 50's are still alive?

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Answered: Vintage 30s' or 40s' Toy 60 mm Rubber Man, I ...

I am not familiar with the toy that you are asking about, but perhaps someone at these web sites could help you.

Answered: I'm looking for an old movie. 

you can get information about any old movie from

Answered: What is the name of that movie?

Could it be The Pride of the Yankees (1942)? There was a song there that went "I'll be loving you always"

Answered: What did they shine kitchen appliance with inn the 50's

You already know that kitchen appliances may not be operated through out the day, but once they are in operation, you can’t take slightest of chances. Safety is first and last for this appliance segment, and when you have Godrej stuffs to accompany you, you are relieved that at least this safety ...

Answered: How do I find movie stars biographies

Try searching on the Internet Movie Database (
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