how many more revenge show left 2013?

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Answered: What country had the most immigrants for 2013

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not inordinately difficult for an honest person to enter the US from Canada or Mexico. One need merely register at the border, they will print a temporary visa (that allows you to go more than 150 miles inland) and after that one need merely contact the ...

Answered: Left arm and lower left side pain in my teen

It could be just bruises. It could be the result of wrestling, a roller-coaster ride, or bruises from a seat belt, or falling off a horse. There are not many diseases that cause pains in the arm and the body. Leukemia, perhaps, or infectious mononucleosis. Blood counts would show if there is a ...

Answered: Are Native Americans living better lives in 2013 than they did in

Aren't we all living better lives since 1913? The native american numbers are dwindled so far they barely make 1% of the population and their purest blood is slowly becoming mixed with every other ethnicity but hey that's the melting pot of america, cooking and boiling indians in its steamy broth ...

Answered: We left our Southern Baptist church due to ...

Possibly, but you would have to consult a lawyer to do anything about it. A simple free telephone to a lawyer will give you a definite answer in regards to your local laws, and they can tell you what your legal options are. Myself, I would avoid all of these pastors permanently. The real idea of ...
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Do You Support Ashton Kutcher's Revenge?

Revenge only escalates. Payback makes another wrong to payback. Smarter move = forgive & forget. Remember the wrong as long as there is a threat. Best revenge is living well. No games or bitterness N that. The creep that wronged U fears U might now be @ peace. That is the best revenge. Former ...