how many minutes in a gigabyte?

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Answered: Is 60 Minutes a fake show? It's been on the air 45 ...

It was quite a good show for many years. Then they got lazy and frankly became irrelevant, populated by old farts who were so out of touch with reality they were broadcasting stories from like 1945. It should have been put out of its misery like 30 years ago.

Answered: How long will it take a ipod touch 4g 32gb to ship if i buy it today (on

Hi Camelia, Just checking to see if you had heard anything about your iPod, most dealers are honest and you should have no problems... Sweet G

Answered: Formatting 64 Gb USB Flash drive to NTFS

in NTFS cannot format 64 GB Pen drives memailID(

Answered: Why my large TV tyrnes off every 2 minutes

It loves you. Take the hint next time it turns itself off and go do something else.

Answered: Gigabyte Storage

so 3.00gb is good
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I don't know the answer to your question. However, I would suggest that these professional people should be responsible for their own words. If they want to come across as diplomatic, then they can speak more diplomatically in the first place.

What is bigger megabytes or gigabytes?

Mega means million, giga means billion, so a gigabyte is a thousand times bigger. And computers that used to be sold with 1 megabyte of memory (20 years ago) now typically come with more than 1 gigabyte. Disk drives that used to be in megabytes grew to gigabytes, and now some are in terabytes (a ...

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I found the answer to my question.

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