how many milligrams is 12.5 mcg?

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Answered: Which is higher dose, .05 mcg or 112 mcg?

112 is always bigger than 0.05 (in fact 1140 times bigger) regardless what the units are (provided both quantities are in the same units). I have the feeling that you ment 0.112 [mcg]. Still 0.112 is bigger than 0.05 (just write them in the same way ans see: 0.050 or 0.112)

Answered: 400 IU vitamin D equals how many milligrams

ans is 0.01 mg 400/40/1000 = 0.01mg

Answered: 400 IU vitamin D equals how many milligrams

How do you convert IU to miligrams for vitamin D?

Answered: What is 400ng/ml in milligrams

Divide by 1000. It would be .4 mg.

Answered: How much is a milligram

Hi, Milli is another word for 1/1000 (one thousandth)..... so milligram is 0.001 g"r (or 1/1000 of a gram). Best regards,

Answered: What do 12th grade pants look like?

highschool today guys wear the dickies pants with the cell pocket on the side they come in different colors black is popular
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Is sythroid 125 MCG higher than synthroid 112 MCG

1. It's SYNTHROID 2. You really don't know if 125 is more than 112? The mcg is irrelevent. It could be ounces, lbs., chickens, kumquats, sardines, broken bones, bottles of beer, oak trees, IQ, or anything else. 125 of anything is ALWAYS more than 112. ALWAYS!! Please do not procreate.

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