How many miles per hour is 444 kts ?

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Answered: Convert miles per hour into rpms.

Robert is right; it depends on gear ratio. In first gear the speed will be less than in a higher gear. I have a CVT (variable transmission) so the speed at 1000 rpm could be anything from about 60 on a downhill to 30 on the level to maybe 5 starting from a stop.

Answered: How many miles per hour is 221 calomometer?

I think you mean 221 kilometers per hour. The conversion factor is 3281 feet per kilometer divided by 5280 feet per mile = 0.621. 221 kph is 137 miles per hour.

Answered: Hours

A committee keeps minutes and wastes hours.

Answered: How to vote against the 25 mile an hour speed ...

You go to City Council meetings and express your displeasure. You most likely won't be the only one there to do so.
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