how many marital affairs did franklin d roosevelt have?

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Answered: Can You See Bill Murray Playing FDR In A Movie?

Makes a great FDR... S G /5/22

Answered: Eleanor Roosevelt

Democrats can't read history books. That's because they are so stupid that they failed to absolutely block out racist hatemongers, drunks, bigots, liars, cheats, and Muslim fools like drunken Obama. Well, you know how stupid Democrats are and why they only have tombstones to side with them.

Answered: Who embalmed President Franklin Roosevelt's Body?

Franklin D. Roosevelt's remains were embalmed by F. Haden Snoderly, chief embalmer of the H.M. Patterson, & Son, funeral home of Atlanta's. Assistance was given by Fred Patterson and the firm's manager J. Austin Dillon. Due to the sclerotic condition of Roosevelts arteries, the embalming proved to ...

Answered: Affair or Friend?

Be realistic. Straying one time is aberational (out of character, not his normal behavior). That's totally different from an "affair" which is an ongoing sexual relationship with someone other than spouse if done without their knowledge, consent/approval. Many reasons why all you near-perfect ...

Answered: How to tell if your Austatic sister is really in affair with her group

Well, there's obviously something going on or she wouldn't be so upset and down. Rape, as bad as it is to think about, does happen, even in the best of facilities. But if that is what's happening, it should be dealt with by authorities. I can't imagine your parents could hear something like that ...

Answered: Modification of Marital termination agreements in Minnesota

I'm not sure but I recommend you hire an attorney ASAP. Good luck.
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