how many marathons should you have to run to run the circumference of the earth?

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Answered: Why is the course for the Boston Marathon not a record-eligible

Here's where the IAAF lists the fastest "legal" marathons ever run. In this case, "legal" doesn't refer to drugs. It refers to performances run on a course that is not excessively downhill or excessively point-to-point. I won't go into the nitpicky record-keeping criteria here. Suffice it to say ...

Answered: Marathon training..when do you start training for a second Marathon after

Hi John When I started running marathons I waaited for 6months to do my second one. As I trained over the years I could do one a month without too much trouble. Finally I started training for ultra marathons and could do more than one a month. I hope this helps you. I have a lot of experience if ...

Answered: How do I run google earth if I do not have the internet?

Ask a friend to web strip Google earth for you.

Answered: How old is the earth

A little over 6,000 years!

Answered: I am trying to keep a record of my running pace in ...

I put =26/2.8 in a cell and got 9.29 so the formula works. Put your minutes in column A. Put your miles in column B. Put your results in Column C. Create a formula: =A2/B2 and put that in C2. Format C2. Your should see your results. You can then copy and paste your formula into other ...
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What Does It Take to Run a Marathon?

I will run a marathon with the determination, physically fit and well prepared for running the marathon.

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