how many lumens in a 14w fluorescent bulb?

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Answered: Fluorescent dimmer bulbs

When light flickers or sometimes flash on/off it means it is defective. Replacement of the bulb is the solution.

Answered: Fluroscent replacement bulbs in can lights not lasting

We think Jeff is correct. However, we would add that LED replacement bulbs would have been - by far - a better choice for this application. LED's generate almost no heat and last seemingly forever (typically rated for 50,000 hours). Even better, they use only a fraction of the electricity that ...

Answered: Can I use a cfl bulb that is equivalent to a 50-100-150 bulb in a table

Only if you do not turn the lamp to the 150 w setting. 150 watts emit a higher bulb temperature and can overheat the lamp base or shade causing a fire. Never exceed the maximum wattage.

Answered: Why ban the 100-watt bulb?

They are taking away our light bulbs, not just the 100 watts.. Sweet G.. Fluorescent light bulb. Photo by KMJ In a move to ban the coming light bulb ban in the US, the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, H. R. 6144, was brought to the US House of Representatives today by Reps. Joe ...

Answered: Fluorescent lights

If the room can be left dark for 30 or more minutes then you should turn of fluorescent lights.

Answered: Static on phone line caused by fluorescent light!

A loose magnetic ballast can be the cause of ballast hum and static. This can be caused by the ballast overheating due to tube flicker. Check that ballast mounting screws are tight to stop vibration. If the static is getting worst than usual then the ballast may need to be replaced. Since this ...
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I went out and spent big money switching over to flourescents. I never noticed any savings on my electric bill.

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Xenon Bulbs?

it is because of its different materials , the bubls are made by xenon that is totally different past-used halogen and more brighter, longer life time ... specific info, you can refer to :

Weird electricity problem

My guess would be that turning on the first switch causes electricity to flow through a circuit that induces (by means of the magnetic field a current creates) a low current in the adjacent circuit causing the bulb to glow weakly. However, this current is probably not enough in order to turn on the ...