how many lobsters does red lobster sell per year?

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Answered: A question about lobsters!

how do you clean and prepare a lobster and how long do they keep

Answered: Lobster, when cooked should it be flaky, or solid. Had lobster for the

It should have some firmness to it, but not tough and rubbery.

Answered: What is biggest lobster ever found and what are best parts to eat besides

I always buy lobsters in Plymouth lobster pound and they are usually 13--20 lbs cooled/ now i have heard of lobsters reaching 44 lbs but there always has to be a bigger one out there waiting to get caught/ some day some lobsterman will bring up a world record lobster and most likely pardon it ...

Answered: Lobster

first you're blessed as U will need a hammer and a chisel just don't over cook it.

Answered: Can lobster

yes U can find canned lobster but B careful and try 2 get it from Maine or Canada, there's nothing better than fresh lobster and it's worth it ENJOY!!!

Answered: Lobstering in Hawaii

Locally, the fishermen dive for the lobsters and literally pick them up.Lobsters are easily found off Maui shores, but not familiar with lobster grounds off O'ahu. DLNR has several rules and laws that fiercely protects our lobsters. ie: only male lobsters are allowed to be taken, must be within ...
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Lobster Week Florida Keys

Mini Season Week: July 29th - 30th 2009 1st Week of Lobster Season: August 6th - 13th 2009 For more information go to this web site .

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How do you eat lobster?

Anywhere except from a restaurant. They always seem to overcook it. Grilled is the way to go. Throw some cherry stone clams on there with some garlic butter and a drop of tobasco... :::drool:::

Lobster recipes

I found a couple recipes that I think would be delicious for your dinner party. Some are slightly unconventional, but all quite delicious. Braised White Wine Lobster Ingredients 2 lobsters [shells opened-up, claws broken-up, pouches removed] 4 Tbs. olive oil 1 large onion, finely chopped 4 oz ...