how many litters can a wild pig have?

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Answered: What state do wild pigs live in?

Feral hogs live in a lot of different states. Wild hogs (Russian Boar, etc) also. Many, but not all, are east of the Mississippi River. The states most heavily populated are California, Texas, and Florida.

Answered: Why do people drop litter? We know that most of ...

You said it right, LAZY. Tom

Answered: I completely agree with you. I don't litter and ...

I think its about enforcement really. If more police enforced these laws, then it would help stop it. Unfortunately I think we live in a country that has a lot of apathy. If you see it, get a license plate number and call the police.

Answered: How often do you change your kitty litter box? Do ...

I use the scoopable kind and love it...I scoop every morning and every night... I change all of it about every two weeks...wash plastic bin out with bleach and soap, let it air dry and put more litter in a clean dry box...I also use a large Totes like container for the cats litter box...that way he ...

Answered: How can I find someone that does pig roasts in Massena,NY area?

Gee, maybe you could Google "pig roasts/ Massena NY". Naaah, that would make too much sense.
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Can you litter train a pot bellied pig

pot bellied pigs are very smart animals my cousin had one for many years and you can train them to do that just called my cousin and ask her before i replyed to you she said its not very hard takes a little while but can be done rather easily

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Mona, yes they are all over Arizona, they are wild so if provoked they will charge, if one approches just bang on some pots and pans and he'll probably run away

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i have one it,s fine it doesn,t go off untill about ten min.after your get goes debba!!