how many large dogs can you have in a yard ventura, ca?

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Answered: Ca flag red stripe

The California flag has a red stripe at the bottom.

Answered: Dog digging holes in yard

I have read that giving the dog a sandbox to dig in works well. I am about to get a new puppy who is a digging breed, so I am going to try this. Putting interesting toys and burying treats periodically is supposed to help.

Answered: How loyal are rat terrier dogs?

There not as good as cats

Answered: Tips for helping my puppy get used to a normal dog bed following the

Make sure your puppy's favorite blanket from the crate is on the new bed so it will help the transition.

Answered: Dog Grooming

Hi Anil, here i have found a very interesting article on Dod grooming tips, just follow this link : I hope it will help you . All the best !!
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2well being a doxie I think all you humand's should sleep in one of those doggy beda hard as nails,we belong up on the couch or better yet up on the bed under the covers,so save your $$$$ & let us sleep were we wan't..... Buddythedoxie

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Thank you for your reply im just trying to see and find out if my father was such a smart man for preserving this guitar so well

How to read dog behavior ?

Dog behavior involves body language. Dog to dog, or dog to human, it's all body language. It has been said that dogs learned to bark and adapted some of their body language, as they became domesticated, in an attempt to communicate with us. Source(s):