How many languages does the Catholic Pope Francis speak?

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Answered: Can Catholics now use contraceptives?

No, you cannot morally use condoms, despite the offensive answers given here that mock my religion. I bet none of you would dare to mock Islam. The Pope was referring to a specific situation where it 'might be' licit or moral, note the 'might' in the sentence, to use a condom if one was a HIV ...

Answered: Should Pope John Paul II be a saint?

No Pope is personally infallible. He is infallible as the head of the Church speaking Ex Cathedra on matters of faith or morals. This is guaranteed by Christ who founded His Church on Peter and promised the gates of hell would not prevail against Her.

Answered: Google research topics famous popes 1700's to the present

I think the most famous recent popes are John Paul II and John XXIII. In the 19th century two popes served for over 25 years each, Pius IX and Leo XIII.

Answered: Pope Francis

" " This guy sounds like he might be catholic that would get you off the strreets - Yah go there. Watch this place... ...It's terrible.

Answered: If the Pope claims only Catholics are real Christians, are Catholics now

There's only one Church, that is the Body of Christ, the Catholic Church here on earth! The Catholic Church is not the Roman one, that is indeed Catholic, but had added to the deposit of faith and is no more than a Catholic Sect! Authority in the ancient church stems from the Revelation of Christ ...

Answered: How to speak Christian language \

I think this questioner is confusing "christian" with ethnicity, or nationality. In my opinion "christian" is religious or philosophical, and encompasses many languages.
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Sumerian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs go back to before 3000 BC. Of languages still in use, Greek goes back to around 1450 BC, and Old Chinese around 1200 BC.

The Pope in Washington maintained that Catholics ...

Yes, but every religion is accused of placing religion above the law of the land. They just take turns getting accused. Last week some parents let their kid die, and that was the bad religion, next week the news will be 24/7 Mormon. That's one of the cool things about religious freedom in the U.S ...

Who was the catholic Pope in 1990?

I know. I know. Personally, I don't think that the title Pope requires modification. My point was that the adjective, Catholic, was redundant. Never, ever would the Coptic Orthodix Church enter my mind when I hear the word Pope. I reckon I should have used the better example that your made mention ...

Is Pope Francis/Jorge Mario Bergoglio gay?

Aren't those guys the ones that are always celebating Mass?