how many kids does big ang have?

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Answered: Ever Grow the ZOMBIE PLANT...It Plays DEAD when You Touch It. Kids seem

Zombies and light don't mix. How does this thing photosynthesize?

Answered: Three kids 7, 7, and 8 constantly fighting.

Sibling rivalry is natural as children compete for their space and rights. As a mother of 5, I understand how frustrating this can be. At their age, anger takes the form of not having their needs met. Begin to observe how they act independently, in twos, and threes. Write out your observations and ...

Answered: Martial arts kids class?

Any type of game you can come up with is always great to keep their attention. Any sort of quick, simple drill is great as long as you keep switching it up. Don't give them the chance to get bored.

Answered: Little kid or big kid.

A 12 year old ho whaigh 75 pounds is defently a LITTLE kid. you are not a big kid yet.

Answered: My Grandson is bi-racial and many kids make fun of ...

Your grandson is being bullied -- and it sounds like this 'teacher' is a major part of the problem. When she ignores the behavior or excuses the bullies, she gives them more power -- at your grandson's expense. As others said: this is NOT acceptable. You need to take the issue to the principal ...

Answered: I think exposing kids to a wide variety of music ...

It might be difficult for a 2 year old's motor skills to learn the left hand (assuming he/she is right-handed) which is used for fretting. Also, even with "children's" guitars, the fingers on the left hand can get very sore until they get callused. I love the ideas about the pianos or keyboards ...
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How can I ensure that my kids are listening to appropriate music?

the best way is to always watch them, and demand you listen to the music as well, or if you feel they are too young get itunes and give then their own account to access music on your mac or pc. on the mac side go to system prefs and click parental controls. the power is now yours.

At what age do kids start talking? What does it ...

Some children dont talk as early as others why there parents dont talk to them in english. Baby talk is easyer than reading a childs book to them. Or it could be a medical condition.

Fitness for Overweight Kids?

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