how many inches is 10cm by 13 cm?

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Answered: WHAT IS 10CM X 21CM?

It is an area of 210 square c"m. It you want to convert it to some other area units, use this site .

Answered: How many inches is 15-25 cm?

15 - 25 [c"m] = 5.9055 - 9.8425 [in]

Answered: In piano music, what does +13 stand for?

If my interpretation is correct, then you might as well just stomp the keyboard with your foot. A C13 would inclue C, E, G, Bflat, D, F, and A. I would play it as a suspended chord or as a 9th. If you had mentioned the song title or the genre of the music, I might have leaned strongly one of the ...

Answered: What is 10 cm equal in mm?

There are 10 mm in a cm - do I have to explain further ?

Answered: What is 6cm x 18cm x 28cm in inches?

6 cm * 18 cm * 11 cm = 2.36" * 7.09" * 11.02" (2.54 cm = 1") 3,024 [cm^3] = 184.536 [in^3]

Answered: What will be billed 4/7/13

Don't forget the platypus. Uncle Frank
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