how many horsepower kawasaki FC400V?

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Answered: What Kawasaki-riding motorcycle gangs are there in the US?

Tell you what, I rode with the Gypsy Jokers for years. So talk to me about bikers when you grow up. I know biker knows the Jokers. I'm just as sure you don't.

Answered: I have a Kawasaki kz 550 H2 / gpz when it idles it ...

I'm not a mechanic but I'd suggest you contact one to find out if he/she can take a look and see what the problem is. Good luck.

Answered: What year model is my Kawasaki Bayou 220?

Yes Sir ,on the kawasaki bayou 220 2 by 4....and 4 by 4 look at the vin number and the number after the A in the vin # will be the year it is. in your case the year is JKBLFBA12TB710529. a 2001. hope this helps.

Answered: Wheelie help

It definitely takes lots of HP to pop a wheelie on a car. I couldn't guess how many, but this guy has an assumption. He also explains how important is it for the cars to have training wheels from behind, light fronts and heavy backs. Check out his pictures.

Answered: Horsepower

A theoretical cylinder of 50 pounds rotating at 3000rpm f=ma is 50x3000=150000 divided by 3300(horsepower) = 45.45 horsepower? Ke=1/2 x mass x velocity squared 1/2 x 50 = 25 velocity squared =9000000 x25 =225000000 (joules) 225000000 joules = 83.8 horse power is there a difference between kinetic ...
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Heel tow shifter

i, I don't know about any but if you don't find one I cane make one custom made.

!973 kawasaki help

I'm guessing this is a dirt bike an Kawasaki had problems with the plugs fouling on the trail Their solution was to have two sparkplugs so that all you needed to do was move the plug wire and keep on going

How does Torque help win a race?

There's probly a better way to explain it, but. Torque is how much force is pushing the vehicle. Measured in foot-pounds or inch-pounds. Torque can drive a vehicle out of a corner at low rpm. The force that pushes you back in the seat when your accelerating is torque, once the rpm's go up, torque ...

How to rebuild motorcycle brake caliper for kawasaki vulcan

I need the year, CC's, and plant where they made it. Kawasaki made the Vulcan from 1977-1988 in their Yatabe plant (outside Tokyo) and from 1988-2009 in their soutnern California plant. I don't know if they continued with the Vulcan after 2009 or not. Their later models look a lot better than ...