how many hells kitchen chefs are still working for gordon ramsey?

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Answered: Hells Kitchen Winner 2008 Christina Machamer

I have a sort of rule, that I try not to stand in line waiting to eat. I guess It's better to give her a chance anyway... She was the best in my opinion. I'm glad she wasn't discriminated against because she's a woman.

Answered: I'd like to eat at hell's kitchen

Here is the website for Hell's Kitchen. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find the reservations email link. Enjoy!

Answered: Favorite Chef?

I LOVE Jamie Oliver!

Answered: Where can i buy chef boyardee products in asheville nc

No need for the bootlegger here!

Answered: Could hell be too small a punishment for those that really 'raise

GOD does not send people to hell. Neither, does he blow up the bridge and lock the gates if they are insistent upon going.
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