How many hairs is normal to fall out after washing?

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Answered: I am male wash my hair every day with shampoo even ...

I'm not sure why you get these. I'd suggest seeing a dermatologist to see what the problem is. Good luck.

Answered: Hair fall

use retha & shikakai insted of shampoo.

Answered: HELP 'Home remedies to control hair falls.'

use retha & shikakai insted of shampoo.

Answered: Hair fall

I did a bit of research on this because hair loss runs in my family, so I am trying to prevent this form happening to me. The shampoo you use doesn't seem to effect your hair growth (unless you are using a specialized one for this purpose). The most common factor in hair loss is hormonal problems ...
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Male-pattern and female-pattern androgenetic alopecia are not only very common, they are very treatable. Both surgical and medical hair loss treatments have high rates of success. One treatment involves applying a lotion, minoxidil, to the scalp twice a day. Another hair loss treatment for men is a ...