How many grandchildren does roseanne barr have?

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Answered: What brand eyeglasses did roseanne barr wear on Joy behar's show on July

Sorry I missed that show!Are those two still a couple?

Answered: Where to get roseanne barr campain sign?

They had to send them back to the printers because her picture wouldn't fit on the sign.

Answered: How to email roseanne barr comedian?

Google her name and go to her website and ask them

Answered: How to email roseanne barr comedian?

MaPostal2 Rosey not to well liked is why you can't get her email...Best you can do is this site:

Answered: Grandchildren

Hi Yada, good answer. Thank you.

Answered: How to write a memory of your grandchildren. They ...

so... Tanner is a poppin firecracker and always on the move and Taylor is an imagination sailor reaching for the star and moon I'm sure you can come up with something...
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