how many first year nfl coaches since 1978 have won 13 games or more?

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Answered: Which NFL coaches are going to be unemployed?

NFL Head Coach is a National Football League video game that was released on June 20, 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.[1] The game allows the player to control an NFL team and become the greatest coach in NFL history. Leadership training

Answered: Who won the Sea Hawks / Packer game?

Sea hawks in overtime by 6 points..

Answered: What NFL teams have Black coaches

There are six African American head coaches in the NFL, and so and so far five have led their teams to winning records. Jim Caldwell (Colts, 5-0), Marvin Lewis (Bengals, 4-2), Mike Tomlin (Steelers, 4-2), Mike Singletary (49ers, 3-2), and Lovie Smith (Bears, 3-2). See this article for details.

Answered: Is this a good thing for NFL overtime games?

I think it a great idea .It doesn't leave the faith of the game to a coin toss.

Answered: What NY Giant Games will Channel 43 televise 2014-15 season?

NY Giants games start with preseason football tonight 8/9 at 7:30pm. And if they are doing preseason games, my guess is that they will do the whole season.
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Which NFL teamholds the record for most consecutive games won in a

The 2007 New England Patriots won 16 straight regular season games and 18 straight including the playoffs. These are both single season records.