how many dogs does miley cyrus have 2013?

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Answered: Is Miley Cyrus overexposed?

She is no longer a little girl, so all had best get used to the idea that she dresses as most do her age.. Sweet G

Answered: Miley Cyrus Bong Video

And if this was the young girl down the street, would we all be this catty about it.. NO.. Her Dad would be dealing with her..

Answered: Which psycho ward did Miley Cyrus escape from? She's an insult to life

You're an even bigger insult to the human race, you big shmuck.

Answered: Do u like Miley Cyrus

Hell shit no!
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Miley cyrus is a slut

slut no. just a lost girl that needs some real parental guidence to help her make better choices.

Do you think miley cyrus have boyfriend?

yupp im pretty sure cuz on twitter she even said so...

Is Miley Cyrus Disgusting and Sleazy?

The young audience looked up to her. What a terrible influence on them seeing the nice girl go bad. She fails to realize that a public figure has a certain amount of responsibility to the fans. It's the fans who made her a star. Now, the fans will either dislike her or be like her. I think ...