how many dependents should my 16 year old child claim on a W-4?

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Answered: What to do when dependent child claim himself on his tax return

Over 18 and a student can still be claimed as a dependent if the parent is providing more than 1/2 the support. If the child has erroneously claimed himself as a dependent on his return, you need to file an amended return to change the status to "dependent of another". You can then file your own ...

Answered: Can I still claim my 16 yr old son that works part time if he is filing

Yes, you can. As long as he is a full time student. He is also considered a minor.

Answered: Jobs for 16 year olds

I think Fast food restaurant, car washes, actually you can work at any place that will hire them. Bus person in a restaurant, washing dishes in restaurant, cleaning, mail room person in large business, porters in hotels, caddy at golf course.

Answered: Our 4 Year Old Grandson's Behavior is 'OUT OF OUR CONTROL'!!

Consider also that most 4-year olds have a tendency to such behavior, just perhaps not as extreme. It is possible that he initially enjoyed the reaction he got and this is now feeding the monster, so to speak, as he continues to behave badly in order to receive what he wants which, in turn ...

Answered: What was the deadliest weapon of all time?

The deadliest weapon of all time was a large helping of pinto beans served in a phone booth -- with the vent turned off....................

Answered: How many children can u claim on IRS form

I know this will be shocking for you to find out, but you claim exactly how many you have!! DUH!!!
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