how many cups shredded chicken equals 2 pounds boneless chicken breast?

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Answered: What is a safe way to store chicken?

Answered: I usually buy a lot of chicken when I go to the ...

Definitely do not refreeze chicken that has been previously defrosted in the microwave. Defrosting in the microwave will partially cook some areas of the chicken which is an ideal growing ground for bacteria. These bacteria are not destroyed by refreezing or even cooking. You do have some ...

Answered: For lemon chicken gravy recipes

Here is a recipe

Answered: What is the noun form of equal

The singular is "equal". A Navy commander is the equal of a lieutenant colonel.

Answered: How many cups of boneless chicken in 16.5 pounds?

Depending on how tightly you pack the measure, I'd say you have about 23-24 cups. If it is really greasy you will have more than that. We always weigh all the ingredients for our food here. We might use cups and gallons for an approximation and for sharing recipes but here we go strictly by ...

Answered: Fruit Cup Day for the Fruit Cups

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Boneless chicken breast questions

There is no health risk as long as the chicken and everything it is in contact with is fully cooked (165-170 degrees) How long depends on what you are cooking the chicken with...If you are cooking just the chicken, 40 min on 400 degrees should do it. If you are cooking the chicken, say in a caserole ...

I bought a approx. 3 lb. smoked chicken breast, (size of a grapefruit

If it is smoked it already is cooked. Put in oven at 325 degrees to heat thru before serving. How long it takes has to be determined by you. Every oven is different due to cold spots, hot spots, accurate temperature, etc.; whether or not it is frozen; if thawed is it at room temperature or ...

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