how many cucumbers make a quart?

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Answered: Pickled cucumber

Lido is correct. High salt can make you retain water which increases your weight. High salt intake can also cause increased blood pressure/headaches. Julie

Answered: Bitter cucumbers

I don't think you can. Bitter cucumbers are late in the season and should not reach the shops but some places don't have effective quality control. In season cucumbers should not be bitter.

Answered: Where to purchase 160 quart stainless steel kettle ...

Tell me I had to order the last one from Greg Sweet online and would like to get one was shipped in several boxes...from Washington State....

Answered: What pest or bug chews cucumber plants at the bottom near the dirt line

Cucumber beetles would be your bandit. I combat mine using neem oil. It's an organic pesticide that you mix with water and spray on the leaves. The pesticide malathion, s mentioned in the previous post, could be used, but I prefer not to poison my family.

Answered: What is going on with organic cucumbers in Germany?

Had heard about this too.. Sweet G 6/1 .................................................................... Spain threatens to sue over killer cucumber claims | News | Farmers Guardian Spain threatens to sue over killer cucumber claims 31 May 2011 | By Alistair Driver ...

Answered: We have started our patio cucumbers inside. They ...

Too much water, not enough nitrogen, not enough potassium, and not enough sun. Plant 'em out side and make sure your soil has enough minerals to keep 'em going.
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How to Pickle Cucumbers

Salt and water will make salty cucumbers, you need vinegar with the salt to make pickles.

How to prepare cucumber roll?

1) I have a nice ceramic knife for sushi since it keeps its edge nd is light and easy to handle, I had used my Kitchen Aid Chefs and Utility knife (after Resharpening,-always use the sharpest blade possible for quick and easy cutting) alternately for simple straight even thin cust use a mandolin as ...

How to give a 4 quart enema?

Your standard douche bag will not to the job.

Cucumbers in Dove Shower Gel?

As a soap maker, I use many different ingredients in my soaps. Catnip, beeswax, honey, epsom salt lemon, pineapple, vanilla and MANY other un-manly items. Let me tell you, this US MARINE'S skin is soft and I don't worry about toxins in my soaps anymore. My Cucumber soap is a big seller as with my ...