how many colors are there of swarovski crystals?

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Answered: Crystal vs rhinestone

chinacat very good!

Answered: Why do swarovski crystals get cloudy and how can I 'uncloud' them?

I'm not actually sure what these are but I'd think you could ask any jewelry specialist and find out. Good luck.

Answered: Swarovski Hotfix Crystals for sale

Lisa; What do you have left and how much. What type, etc. I might be interest in some of what you have. pictures would be great. Tiny

Answered: Gem AQUAMARINE Crystals in NYC

You will find spectacular Gem AQUAMARINE Crystals at the Museum of Natural History. Their rock and minerals are sometimes poorly displayed (just try to find the awesome Star of India), but it is worth the trip just to see the hugh meteors (in addition to the aquamarines). If you want to take an ...

Answered: How to make a beautiful pendant in the shape of a heart with Swarovski

Free tutorial for this at: 3D heart tutorial (note: for the one with the crystals, simply replace all long bugles in the tutorial with 3mm or 4mm crystals) Free tutorial for this at: Open Heart tutorial Free tutorial for this at: Open Crystal heart tutorial Here's another one at: Crystal ...
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