how many children does Richard B Harrison from pawn stars have?

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Answered: Where is Pawn Stars located?

Pawn Stars, the documentary reality show from the History Channel is located in Las Vegas. Here's the exact location, address, and phone number: Where is Pawn Stars located?

Answered: The TV Series PAWN STARS, Did the old man die?

(derp) Oh wait! That is not an emotion! Wait, Here it is!

Answered: What nationality is richard harrison of pawn stars?

I just called because i was wondering the same thing... The man that answered said he is caucasian. I asked if he had any asian ancestry in his blood and they said no.

Answered: Remove comment's

Hi there: So I can better assist you, could you please provide me with additional information? Please let me know what area would you like your comments to be removed. Thank you.

Answered: What sort of licence do you need to run a pawn shop / pawn broker?

Yes you do need a licence to run a pawn or any other type of Establishment.. Sweet G
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