How many cc's of blood does the average man have per kilogram of body weight?

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Answered: Ideal weight?

Easily help you solve the obesity troubles, to achieve a wonderful body! 3 apples weight-loss method. Instructions: eat apples for three days, do not eat fruits and other foods; can follow the time to eat three meals a day apple, or hungry, eat, eat up; no matter what type of apple can, however, it ...

Answered: Nicole 626 623 2846 body rub

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Answered: How long does donated blood stays in my body?

A former colleague of mine, Tutuzdad, did some great research on just this topic, and his answer is here: Google Answers - "Blood Regeneration In Humans" Two of the sites he references are as follows, with the first one pretty well answering your question. Indiana Wesleyan University - "About ...

Answered: Are body shaping underwear garments comfortable to wear?

It depends if you are used to wearing them.. if you have one that fits right. You don't want something too small that's going to make you aware the whole time that it's there when you're wearing it. Do a test wear one on your day off and see how you like it.Full-Figured-Beauty Dressing for ...

Answered: What is average weight for a man 6 ft 1?

Ideal weight would be 160 to 175. Average weight is probably 180 to 220, increasing with age from 20 to 60.

Answered: Can a woman really use her peiod blood to keep a man? and how does it

I have never heard of such a thing but it sounds very strange. I would say that if anyone has said that it is a very old and not so true wise tale or voodoo spell. I would of course prefer to keep a man because he loves me for who I am, without any tricks. :) Good luck.
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I am 4'11

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Check out Dr. Al Sears' P.A.C.E. method of exercise. You'll definitely get more oxygen into your blood.

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