how many cases of femur fracture from fosamax?

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Answered: Distal femur fracture

Most femoral diaphyseal fractures are treated surgically with intramedullary nails or plate fixation. The goal of treatment is reliable anatomic stabilization, allowing mobilization as soon as possible. Surgical stabilization is also important for early extremity function, allowing both hip and knee ...

Answered: I see fosamax has a lot of problems. is it safe to use?

Like most medications, there are side effects to taking fosamax, and a certain degree of risk, possible side effects are femur fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw, as documented in several Fosamax Lawsuits. It's best to consult a doctor to determine how much of a risk it is for you as it will ...

Answered: After 2 normal bone density tests, can I safely stop taking Fosamax?

Probably yes, but you can ask first for your doctor. I had read certain blogs and articles on the web which taking fosamax for too long can make your bone brittle and can experience bone fracture. Aside from that there are many fosamax side effects that can be harmful to your bones. However, you ...

Answered: Why are the cases for the Kindle so expensive. I have seen some of them

Cause they are worth it folks, cause they are worth it:

Answered: I fractured (spiral fracture) my tibula July 4th. My doctor put me in a

which of the following contains visceral muscle?

Answered: 400W vs 500W Computer Casing?

More watts are better, because you will be able to support higher speed CPU and graphics processor. But it might also be noisy as there is more heat to dissipate.
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yes if done with more force necessary or some underlying disease process lurking like leukemia, osteoporosis, osteopenia or some thyroid type of disease to upset the calcium potassium mg balance along w hormonal problems

Continuing training with Shin Stress fracture

You can permanently injure your shins to the point that just walking will be painful. You should really see your doctor to see how much damage you've already done. Good luck.

When you have a stress fracture does pain move around in your foot

A stress fracture will be located on a particular bone of the the foot, and the feet may even have multiple stress fractures. However the pain will not move position, although the pain may radiate out from the point of the fracture. For more information on stress fractures of the foot have a look at ...

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