how many car can a ho bachmann diesel pull?

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Answered: The proportion of diesel cars and petrol cars

Check out this site and maybe ask them if they have any statistics:

Answered: Why does my diesel car smoke so much when starting up??

Depending on the color of the smoke that comes out, you could determine what is wrong with your vehicle and why it's starting to smoke excessively in the first place. I found it very useful when my BMW Alpina started to excessively smoke. If its black smoke, it means you have unburned diesel in ...

Answered: What kind of saving do I make on buying a diesel car

This article may help to answer your question.

Answered: How good are diesel tuning boxes & can they harm the engine

if you don't add to much horse power it won't hurt you engine. i have a ford f250 diesel,installed a bully dog chip,set it at mid range, and added about 5 mpg.

Answered: What car to buy

Phil Edmonston's LEMON-AID books suggest that diesels are a POOR choice. Get the book.
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What's the safe limit for petrol in diesel for common rail engines (2006

you should be fine just do not push it to hard as far as speed to insure you donot blow a pision and use a diesel additive to keep it lubed

Hi, I am thinking of buying a 2003 Diesel Ford Fiesta, Is It a viable

These features might help you decide to buy Ford Fiesta Diesel.

Thinking of buying a vw golf 1.9 diesel the ...

You should know better than to take seriously anything a new (or used) car sales person tell you about the vehicle. Look at the window sticker for the projected mileage posted there and reduce that by about 15% to 20%. This will give a ballpark idea of the best mileage you can expect. Do your ...

Car pulls to the rt. on a 2004 r volvo during acceleration. Car has been

Does it pull more than others of that model? Torque steer has been a problem with some powerful front wheel drives. It is normal and engineers work to minimize the effects.