how many btu does it take to raise air temperature 1 degree?

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Answered: Constant air conditioning temperature

I think and have always heard "set it and forget it" to save energy cost.

Answered: Air Condition.

It depends with the interval, it needs to be changed on it's set time in order to function some of it's parts well. Constant changing may cause you air conditioner problems as to ignoring such will lead into major faults.

Answered: Ideal Air Condition Office Temperatures

It depends on the size of your room, and also with the type, air conditioning unit temperature should be set correctly. To have the right settings, you need to call your trusted technician to know important hings in it.

Answered: Air miles on shopping?

Yes, you can earn Air miles when you shop with a miles credit card from Maybank. With this Horizon Platinum Visa Card you can earn 2 air miles on every dollar you spend.

Answered: Is used to convert Fahrenheit temperature, F, to ...

Hi, -------- To convert T(f) to T(c): Subtruct 32 and devide by 1.8 (or 9/5). To convert from T(c) to T(f): multiply by 1.8 (or 9/5) and add 32. 10 degrees celcius is 50 degrees Farenheit. (10*9/5 + 32 = 50) -------- and there are several sites that will do it for you: here is one ...

Answered: What is the temperature 32 degrees fahrenheit in degree celsius?

The relation between degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit is C/100 = (F-32)/180 Substitute 32 in place of F in the equation you will get Celsius value
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American disabilities act and air conditioning is ...

Then, you'll need an air conditioning units that is efficient. Giving you the best features and cooling effect that satisfies you while earning much, and cost saving. Go for professionals and sites and get more advises for your unit.

I no longer have air conditioning in my vehicle ...

For me it is still good if you'll have air conditioner in your car,aside from giving you cool and comfortable environment, it wouldn't bother you from having those alternatives like the what it has the olden days.

what is more cost effective

When an air conditioner has to cool a whole house it will stay on until everything in the house is at the temperature you select ..but if you leave it on it wont stay on as much I would think it would be better to just leave it on..

How much BTU in air condition is needed to cool a living room in size of

Hi Efrat, I think that this Room air conditioning calculator is just what you need. This calc. is based on square feet so 17.5 m^2= ~188 square feet.