how many Bible scriptures tell about the second coming of Jesus?

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Answered: Second Coming Of Jesus

The coming kingdom of Christ will be preceded by an unprecedented period of seven years of suffering and worldwide travail. The clearest picture of that seven-year period is found in Revelation 6-19 . The "signs" we see around us remind us that there is much evil in the world. And the picture of ...

Answered: What scripture tells us of a eagle speaking in the HOLY BIBLE

In revelations, those are cherubim's and Serphims , angels!

Answered: Answers to your prayers?

Yeah! the answer comes as an insight.

Answered: Why does Mark at 10:12 have Jesus say that, "If a woman divorces her

Make up your mind "Old Testament" or "New Testament"? Old Testament = Moises New Testament = Jesus Who you believe? Matthew 5:32 except for marital unfaithfulness... Whoever is married as long as it does not have to do with the verse here, then go ahead and fix your marriage. But as for me I am ...

Answered: What does the longline represent in the niv bible

Do you mean the timeline that goes from creation to the authoring of Revelation?
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