How many atoms of each type are represented in 5Fe(NO3)2?

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Pl could be confused with platinum (Pt) or lead (Latin plumbum, Pb) or polonium (Po).

Answered: How many oxygen atoms are present in 88.2 grams of Ca(NO3)2

Ca(No3)2 ------> Ca + NO2 + 2O2 As you see from 1 mole of Ca(NO3)2 you get 1 mole of Ca 1 mole of NO2 and 2 moles of Oxygen. But 1 ,mole of Ca(NO3)2 weights 164.1 g"r and you have only 88.2 g"r that means you have 88.2/164.1 = 0.537 of a mole. And that will give you 1.075 moles (simply double ...

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I'd go to a different pharmacy. Somethin ain't right at that one.

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Yes, it could be the advertising. Or anything else that uses up CPU time.
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