How many atoms of each type are represented in 5Fe(NO3)2?

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Answered: How many oxygen atoms are present in 88.2 grams of Ca(NO3)2

Ca(No3)2 ------> Ca + NO2 + 2O2 As you see from 1 mole of Ca(NO3)2 you get 1 mole of Ca 1 mole of NO2 and 2 moles of Oxygen. But 1 ,mole of Ca(NO3)2 weights 164.1 g"r and you have only 88.2 g"r that means you have 88.2/164.1 = 0.537 of a mole. And that will give you 1.075 moles (simply double ...

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I'd go to a different pharmacy. Somethin ain't right at that one.

Answered: If the atomic weight of nitrogen is 14.01, what is the mass of the

For each molecule of Cd(NO3)2 there are two nitrate ions NO3, each with one nitrogen atom. For one mole of Cd(NO3)2 there are two moles of N.
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