how many amps does a 5 ton 3 phase 120/240 volt A/C unit draw?

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Answered: What is unital design theory

a new design idea for penises (UNIT)?

Answered: What is the kilowatts for a single phase motor at 60Hz, 120 Volts ,and 4

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Answered: How to make 240 volts to 120 volts

Use a transformator (trafo).

Answered: What do you think of amping it up, hyperbolizing to circumvent mundanity

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Answered: 208 volts appliance running with 240 volts

Yes it most likely will run, but it depends on what the appliance is, and how sensitive it is, wether or not it will run properly. Seen as the difference is not all that great it should run fine, unless it contains extremely sensitive electronics like mediacl equipment can. As far as safety goesit ...
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The motor for this model is rated at 1.5 HP. Using a power factor of 1, this translates into a little over 5A.

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Can I use a 12 volt, 6 amp battery charger to charge a 12 volt, 5 amp

Yes you can use 12Volts 6mah to charge 12Volts 5mah battery. Although it has small effect, you noticed that your battery will discharge faster than charging it with 12V 5mah.

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Check here. Best price I've found on 6V to 12V converters.