how many 16x16 pavers will i need for a 20x20 patio?

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Answered: Deteoriating Pavers

ditto would be interested to learn more. brand? pics? Outdoor Fireplaces - Landscape Contractor Ohio

Answered: I am planning on a 100 sq foot paver patio. The pavers I plan to use ar

Here is my take on this. A 10 foot run is 120 inches. How many 16" tiles are required. 120/16 = 8 8*8 = 64 pavers If you want the thing symmetric with respect to cut edges, then make a 7 x 7 pad and split 14 and quarter 1. That's the border. Buy some extra. You will most likely break a few ...

Answered: Can commerical trucks drive on a driveway made of 2 3/8 inch concrete

This all depends on the base below the pavers. These are 6cm pavers and I normally wouldn't recommend driving heavy equipment on anything less than 8cm (3" thick) pavers. However, if your base is 12" thick or more and it was compacted properly in 2-3" lifts using a heavy duty plate compactor (not ...

Answered: Permit for Concrete in backyard

depends on the city/county. Some places require a zoning permit/some a building permit if more than 2 steps. Columbus Ohio Landscaping

Answered: What is the lowest price patio mate screen room gazebo

There is probably no such thing. IF you want an inexpensive add-on, buy the materials from a box store and do the work yourself. Plans for such additions are available online. You might have to cough up a few bucks to get one.

Answered: I want to make 15000 meters fabric construction 20x20/60x60. How i will

I'm not sure so I'd ask someone at a JoAnn Fabrics. Best of luck.
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Can i cement new pavers over existing patio which is concrete and seems

You can as long as the concrete is structurally sound. This means no shifting or settling. Just remember that if the concrete ever settles the pavers will settle along with it. If the concrete was installed over pea gravel rather than base I would highly consider replacing the concrete. You can tell ...

Does anyone know where I can purchase Invisashield for pavers?

How do i clean my pavers can i use clorox

I wouldn't recommend using clorox. I use clorox to kill weeds in the joints of pavers, but you have to be careful. Spray the clorox on and remove it within 30min. The product you need depends on what you are trying to clean off the pavers. You can check for paver cleaning ...

Concret patio resurfacing

Pull a stiff-bristle push broom across the surface to create groves in the concrete that will make the patio less slippery when wet for safer foot traffic.