How many 1972 Mercury Cougars were built?

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Answered: How to replace strutson 1994 mercury cougar?

Pop the hood and use a wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable. It's either black, blue or marked with a negative sign. Raise the front end of the Cougar with a floor jack and support it under the frame with jack stands. Use a tire iron to loosen and remove the nuts on the wheel ...

Answered: 2000 mercury cougar is overcharging and lights ...

Sounds like your alternator is about to crap out. The regulator is built into the alternator on that model...I'm pretty sure.

Answered: Midway cruise book 1972

I have NO IDEA why AOL sent me this question . It is NOT in my area of interest or knowledge. -Sorry,

Answered: 1972 year book

If you are looking for old high school yearbooks, try these web sites:

Answered: Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1999 mercury cougar?

it's below the throttle body/air intake, you can use a 19mm open ended wrench and you can find it easiely, no need to remove anything
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