how many 10 oz servings in a gallon of iced tea?

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Answered: How many ice cream cone does one gallon of soft serve ice mix make

The amount of cones depends on what size scoop you'll be using. Usually a half cup scoop is the reccomended serving size.

Answered: Ice tea

Iced tea (sometimes corrupted to ice tea) is a form of cold tea, often served in a glass with ice. It may or may not be sweetened. Iced tea is also a popular packaged drink. It can be mixed with flavored syrup, with common flavors including lemon, peach, raspberry, lime, and cherry.

Answered: We just got home from the ice cream stand! I love ...

I love all ice-cream especially Friendlys & Dennys. My friend had denny's Sundae for $2.99 about 2 months ago and it was very big for the price. Since I have irritable bowel syndrone, I cannot eat it. So I eat sherbert. So therefore, I will not get sick with severe pains. There were a few times I ...

Answered: Where can I find a teaspoon size tea leaf holder to put in a tea pot?

I had been looking for a teaspoon size holder for loose tea when using my teapot and finally found one in a store in a shopping center in Viera, Florida. The store I believe has other stores throughout the country. It is called "The World Market". If you have trouble send me an email at moorebetchas ...

Answered: Have you ever made ice cream from scratch? Do you ...

I don't make ice cream I make something called 'ice milk' and its basically ice and milk blended up in a blender. Add a bit of chocolate cocoa and you have yourself a Wendy's Frosty.

Answered: How to make iced tea slushies

Iced tea is a refreshing beverage that is the most popular drink in the heat of summer. Procedure for making the Iced Tea. 1. Bring 2 cups of water to a rapid boil. You can boil the water in a tea pot. 2. Turn off the heat. 3. Add 3-5 bags of your favorite black tea. 4. Leave the Tea bag in ...
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Which has less calories: diet pop or ice tea

Diet soda might have 0 calories, or 4 or 5 or 10 calories. Iced tea can be made without sugar for 0 calories, or perhaps with artificial sweetener, but sweet tea with sugar might be 80 calories.