how mant children does horostosky have?

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Answered: What are some reasons that children stop speaking at an early age.

Lisa accurately listed the primary reasons why children suddenty stop talking. When a child stops talking, it can also be a symptom of autism. I read in Discover Magazine that about 25 percent of children with autism develop language normally but then lose the ability to speak sometime between 16 ...

Answered: Can these be passed on to children: Say I am a ...

i think that the boys have more of their mothers genes and the daughters have more of their fathers genes well take care

Answered: Why do your children being grown and having a family of there own hate

Gentlefaith, I'm so glad I could be of help. I know exactly what you're going through, that's why I had let you, that there so many parents that have raised their children to be loving, caring, considerate responsible adults and this is the thanks we get for it. Like you, I blamed myself at first ...

Answered: What causes headaches in children? and is it ...

The most common causes of headaches are usually viruses, as part of a cold or the flu. You should seek medical attention if your child has a headache and he has persistent vomiting. Common Migraine headaches, which are not associated with vomiting or visual changes, but do get better with sleep ...

Answered: What are the long term effects on small children who listen to loud music

Donna, Loud music effects on kids/teens are here. My doctor said it doesn't make much difference what kind of music is played too loud for long's a matter of how much your ears will take! ...

Answered: When do children form their first memories?

As I once said, some remember as far back as 2 years or under.. S G 7/4
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Wa. state home rentals with a pond that could be hazardous to children

Yes, I'm sure somewhere in the state of Washington someone has rented a home with a pond that could be hazardous to children, just like all bodies of water could be hazardous. Did you have a question or did you just want to get that off your chest?

What are some disciplinary methods that can be used with foster

Well, I am writing a book about children, from your owm kids to step kids tpo foster kids, I knew a woman who was a foster parent and a very good one at that, but she had grand children she watched out for along with the foster kids and my sisters mother in law was a foster parent and the both of ...

Organizations for helping children at christmas time

call 211 and they will give u agencies that are participating in christmas giveaways

Where is the best place to take children skiing in CO?

Vail Ski Resort is a great ski resort for kids since it has beginners and intermediate runs on every lift, the ski resort has a ski area for kids called Magic forest.