how maney senators or representatives are being recalled?

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Answered: Where do we go from here?

Start spreading the news.

Answered: How to run for state senate

Here's a great website that goes over the basics of what needs to be done to run for office. Good luck.

Answered: What does the ira represent?

The IRA is also the Irish Republic Army I believe.

Answered: Ocean Spray Cranrasin trail Mix Recalls why did ...

Here is the web site explaining the recall.

Answered: Barack obama votes as a senator

Obama has already gone down as the least competent fool who ever gave away his official duries to drink beer instead. During the five short months when he actually has a limited say in government, he illegally sold over sixteen trillion in US Treasury Securities to hostile nations at bargain rates ...
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I have called, written and e-mailed my Senator's, Congressmen (+women) asking that very same question! This muslim, white hating, jew hating, America hating man has to go!!!


here's the maker's list of recalls, check for yours

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I've thought removing the electoral college was a great idea for years. Ever since learning that they don't HAVE to give their votes to the people their citizens voted for. They can do whatever they damn well please, for whoever they want. I'd be first in line to vote for getting rid of that. Maybe ...