how long will the battery on my sony cybershot dsc n2 digital camera last?

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Answered: Which digital cameras are known for battery life?

I think you should go this Pentax K-x camera Pentax Kx weights 581g, and its dimension is 122 x 92 x 69 mm. It is one of the smallest DSLR camera around, but not the lightest because of body material and 4X AA batteries. Pentax Kx images in natural setting are not bright and saturated like ...

Answered: Sony Cybershot DSC-S980 Digital Camera

I highly recommend a Sony W series camera over the S series, as it provides greater image quality, larger lens (sharper and more light absorbing), easier and more feature rich controls, and better build quality. Also make sure you get one that has optical image stabilization.

Answered: Could you please guide me to buy a Digital camera ...

I have found a website that has THE BEST Digital Cameras . I love my Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera . It is very portable and the quality of the Sony CyberShot Digital Cameras . If you click on the link it will show you a few accessories that will be helpful for you. Here is a website with a great ...

Answered: New digital camera - help?

While you are preparing to choose photography schools, consider the physical campus and location in addition to the academic strength of the photography programs.

Answered: Are waterproof digital cameras really worth the ...

Brands that are more reliable will probably go to Canon or Panasonic. Here are the full list of all waterproof cameras released in 2011 for you to check.
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