how long will Danielle Stevens be in Ca. state prison?

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Answered: Which California State Prisons offers best early release programs for

There is no "best" prison in Cali. for anything, they all suck, and besides, there is no such thing as "early" release anywhere in CDC. You do your time, which in this case just may be 80%, and parole after that. No options available with the possible exception of a halfway house but again the ...

Answered: What does t.r.u and other initials stand for

W.S.R.U. is Washington State Reformatory Unit. S.O.U is Special Offender Unit (mental illness). T.R.U. is Twin Rivers Unit. M.S.U. is Minimum Security Unit. I.M.U. is Intensive Management Unit.

Answered: I would like to find someone whose in prison but not sure what prison but

California doesn't have an inmate locator online...U must call them to find out information. Here is the information from their website: According to the CDCR Web site "To locate an inmate within the California Department of Corrections, please call (916) 445-6713 (916) 445-6713, which is ...

Answered: What is the state tree for CA?

The redwood is the California state tree. That includes both the coast redwood and the giant sequoia.

Answered: How can i find out if allen brown is still in federal prison for free?

The Bureau of Prisons web page has a search

Answered: How long does it take prisoners to transit from milton county to polk

I'm sure that's information the authorities would love to share with every body. Also a route map?
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Inmates rights in prison

When you are a prisoner, you go where they tell you to go. You can request a transfer, but very few are granted as there must be pressing reasons, way better than 'I don't like it here'.