How long will a bladder tack last once it is done. How many years before I have to have another one did?

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Answered: How long is a google year?

You can get youtube views from [Famecrowd](, they start delivering the views within the same day and they even have a tracking area for clients.

Answered: What does a "kindergarten bladder" feel like?

Like you have to urinate like every five minutes.

Answered: Bladder sling removal chat room

I am having similar issues. Have any of you had the sling removed, and if you have, is intercourse still painful? Also, how bad is the incontinence once the sling is removed?

Answered: When did they start putting iron nails on brass tacks rather than the

I think you're a little confused - go back to the asylum -

Answered: Bladder surgery using bovine

Bovine what? Bovine is an adjective indicating a relation to cattle. The biological subfamily Bovinae includes a diverse group of 10 genera of medium to large sized ungulates , including domestic cattle , the bison , African buffalo , the water buffalo , the yak , and the four-horned and spiral ...

Answered: Bladder hernia

If you are experiencing incontinence, or the inability to control your bladder, there are a wide range of treatments, from medications to bladder suspension surgery that can help. Source:
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