how long to wait after drinking if you have an interlock device in your car?

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Answered: Ignition interlock device

I am going to tell you right now...... these things are NOT trustworthy! I just received a failed test this morning before going to work. Here is the problem, I have not drank alcohol in over a year and a half. I did not eat any breakfast this morning, and I brushed my teeth with Tom's toothpaste ...

Answered: You you have to install interlock device in your company vehicle as well

yes you have to have an interlock in every car you drive.... or go to jail if you get caught..

Answered: Im having a hard time blowing into the interlock ...

I think this is quite common. I once had to wait for 45 minutes while my son tried to start his car with an Interlock device. He thought that it might have been the heat since we were in Arizona but the company had assured him that as long as the car was kept in the carport there would be no ...

Answered: At home I have mail that I am waiting to send. I am online with AOL at a

You mail waiting to be sent is in the Personal Filing Cabinet in your computer at home. It is not stored on AOL servers.

Answered: What is the synonym for wait

Answered: I didn't drink, why would i failed my interlock breath test. i am

Ignition Interlock Companies Shift to Fuel Cell Technology As with all professionally-used alcohol breath testers, where the results truly do matter and a positive reading can have dire consequences for the subject, the technology used to measure BAC in ignition interlocks has shifted to fuel cells ...
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